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                                                                    Staten Island, NY 10314
                                         Phone- 646-244-7677      e-mail- [email protected]

Clients Name:_________________________________________Email_________________________________________________

Clients Address:  _____________________________________City/State/Zip:_________________________________________

Home/Office Phone:__________________________________Cell Phone____________________________________________

Day/Date of event:____________________________________Number of Guests:___________________________________

Start Time:_________________________(Time you want Mr. Chocolate to start serving, NOT party start time)

Name of Venue:_______________________________________Type of Party:________________________________________

Venue's Address:______________________________________City/State/Zip:_______________________________________

Chocolate Fountain Package: 

Package:  Chocolate Only (___)       Deluxe(___)         Premium(___)        Supreme(___)        Platinum(___)      Ultimate(____)

Type of Chocolate:    Milk(____)       Dark(____)         White(____)         Other(____)        
Ice Cream Package:   Basic (____)              Deluxe (___)          Premium(___)

Party Extra's :            Snow Cone (___)     Popcorn (___)      Cotton Candy (__)

Candy Buffet :            Sweet Dreams(_____)  Sugar Daddy(_____) Good N Plenty(___) 

Selfie Station:            3 Hours (__)      4 Hours (__)        5 Hours (__) 

Combo Packages: 

  Package A  _______ Ice Cream +    Snow Cone(____) Popcorn(____) Cotton Candy(___)
  Package B  _______ Fountain  +     Snow Cone(____) Popcorn(____) Cotton Candy(____) 

  Package C  _______Candy Buffet + Snow Cone(___) Popcorn(____)  Cotton Candy(____)

  Package D  _______ Fountain(__) or Ice Cream(__) or Candy(__) + Snow Cone(__) Popcorn(__) Cotton Candy(__)

  Package E  _______  All 3 Stations + Snow Cone(__) Popcorn (__) Cotton Candy (__)

Payment Terms: Total fee agreed upon by Client and Mr. Chocolate Fountains is $___________________   
 A $200.00 deposit is required in order to confirm and hold date.Payment can be made by cash, check or credut card. All balances are due no later than 14

days prior to the date of the event and can be paid in cash ,check, or credit card. All checks should be made payable to Mr. Chocolate Fountains .There
will be a $50.00 fee for all returned checks. 3% service fee applies to all credit card trancactions. A $40.00 parking fee may apply if a parcking garage is nessasary.
Cancellation:  This agreement can not be canceled, except in writing, by either the Client or Mr. Chocolate Fountains. If cancellation is initiated by

Client then the deposit will be forfeited. If cancellation by Mr. Chocolate Fountains occurs for any reason beyond it's control, Mr. Chocolate Fountains
will refund all prepaid monies within 7 days of cancellation, with the exception of returned check fees.
Provisions:Mr. Chocolate Fountains will require access to the desired set up area 60 minutes prior to the agreed upon start time, and 30 minutes after

the conclusion of our services, for set up and clean up.For Fountain set up, client is responsible for providing one (6 or 8 foot) standard banquet table with
table linens, an ample amount of dessert plates and cocktail napkins. Mr. Chocolate Fountains requires at least one 120 volt circuit within 8 feet  of the
desired set up area. For Ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy or snow cone set up, client is responsible for providing one (6 or 8 foot) standard banquet table.
 Client accepts full responsibility and is liable for any damages, injuries or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.

Client Signature___________________________________________________________________________________ Date_____/____/_____
*Retain 1 copy of this agreement for your records, sign 1 copy and return it with your deposit to the address listed at the top of this agreement.
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